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decorative mesh

Rana Begum: The space between.

on Thursday, 23 February 2017. Posted in decorative mesh, expanded decorative, Animal Cage, welded mesh, Gabion


Begum's artworks and installations take inspiration from the geometric patterns associated with Islamic art and architecture – "I grew up reading the Quran and praying five times a day, so that repetitiveness is instilled in me," she explains – and from contemporary cityscapes: "the clashes of colours, forms, and the way the light changes things."

Begum uses different scales and materials to experiment with the way shapes interact to change the viewer's perspective. "People are always trying to find some kind of narrative [to my works]," says Begum, "but the initial response I want is to the colour, the light, the form – not to me." Unrelated to gender, religion and culture, her pieces exist in splendid isolation.

Her use of robust, industrial materials is often at odds with the ethereal lightness and fragility embodied in her works, a dichotomy that is ever present in her practice. Begum's works bring together moments of calm and exhilaration, their open-endedness allowing the viewer a sense of the infinite. In a new large-scale installation No. 670, 2016, created especially for this exhibition, sections of industrial steel-mesh fencing are arranged in a massive maze-like structure that invites visitors to walk through it and physically experience the sense of infinity bound within the geometric repetition of its architectural configurations.


Watch the video to see Rana introduce her work.

Castle Howard window seat in regency diamond.

on Monday, 10 June 2013. Posted in decorative mesh


This is an example of Regency diamond in Brass 25mm all floral rossettes and a brass mesh backing used as a fill for a window seat at Castle Howard.

Andy Beard

Decorative Patterned Sheets examples

on Monday, 28 January 2019. Posted in decorative mesh

Ockley Cabinet

ockley cabinet

Expanded mesh jukebox repair

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in decorative mesh, expanded decorative

decorative expanded mesh

For years I have had the insides of an old jukebox sitting in my shed.  I recently found images of what it looked like in its heyday I decided to make a case for it from scratch.  I needed a metal mesh to finish things off and found exactly what I wanted at Fine Mesh Metals.  Delivered in no time and here we have it.  Shove in a 5p coin and rock on.

jukebox repair mesh

Andy Beard

Framing Decorative mesh, Whats Possible.

on Friday, 22 March 2013. Posted in decorative mesh

Decorative mesh framed

This Page shows whats possible with framing. Its not cheap but gives a very clean look. This is especially useful when you cant bead the panels in. For instance if you have an air vent.

brass grill framedbrass grilles framedbrass radiator grill framedbrass framed radiator grillesbrass mesh for door infill

Andy Beard

Hand made decorative mesh lift shaft guard

on Sunday, 09 June 2013. Posted in decorative mesh

This is an example of an antique finished lift guard using hand made deorative mesh.

The apeture is larger than the standard options but shows what is possible. In an antique finish the mesh creates an art deco feel.






Andy Beard

Projects by Barr Joinery

on Friday, 05 October 2018. Posted in decorative mesh

Barr Joinery.

Designers and manufacturers of bespoke internal & external joinery based in Thame, Oxfordshire. BarrJoinery believe in design led perfection. Working closely with design houses and independent designers they are able to translate any concept into reality. Through seeking out partners with shared values and a passion for ‘doing things differently, any vision can be realised.

Contact details:

01844 217706








Regency Diamond Nickel Grilles used for cupboard inserts in high end kitchen.

on Monday, 08 May 2017. Posted in decorative mesh

Heritage luxury builders are US designers and installers of high end bespoke kitchens.

Below are examples of their projects. Regency Diamond grilles (54mm alt plain Nickel coated grilles with a fine mesh backing) have been used for the kitchen cabinet inserts. Allowing diffused visability to the plates behind.




Renovating a large Manor House

on Friday, 24 April 2015. Posted in decorative mesh

Renovating a large manor house Radiator cover infills are 19mm double square stainless steel.







Tv components hidden behind industrial mesh, with industrial pendant backlight

on Monday, 17 October 2016. Posted in decorative mesh

Tv components hidden behind industrial mesh, with industrial pendant backlight.

tv components hidden by mesh grille

industrial mesh with oversize lightbulb behing


Matching radiator grille. 10 x 10 x 4mm reeded wire diamond with a bma finish.


Ventilation grilles in a restored Oxford college barge, built in 1891

on Friday, 29 August 2014. Posted in decorative mesh

Just to thank you for my recently supplied handmade decorative grilles.  They`re now in place as ventilation grilles in a restored Oxford college barge, built in 1891, photos attached.  The clients are delighted as they had expected new ventilation ports (as recommended by a marine surveyor) to spoil the appearance and period charm of the main cabin interior but now feel that your antique finished brass mesh grilles (with wooden frames) actually enhance it.
Thanks again!
Martin Dix




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