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Crimped Mesh

  • brass-crimped-mesh
  • stainless-crimped-mesh

Create your own design of grille by choosing different patterns and backings for a very individual style

Any backing can be added to any pattern to enhance the appearance of your chosen grille.

Our own top of the range luxury grilles. Designed to be versatile, unique in design and appearance with great style and functionality. Made from wires formed into different patterns with a wide selection of wire, hole size and backing mesh to choose from.
Architecturally inspired suiting it to many applications including grilles, radiator grills, infill panels, balustrades, facades, partitions, ceiling panels, shelving, store fixtures and much more.


  • Patterns and apetures are available in different materials and are normally available in both square and diamond.
  • Click image of Apeture you want to choose
  • Choose sheet size that suits either 1m x .665m, 1m x 1m, or 2m x 1m. You can choose multiple sheets at the end.
  • Select from the available finishes (Materials) for the patterns. The image may show backing mesh you don't need to worry about this at this point.
  • Select the wire thickness you want
  • Select square or diamond.
  • Select if you want backing mesh or not on your radiator grille and choose the type of backing mesh. Normally you would choose the same finish but occasionally a different finish can provide a more striking result.
  • Select if you want it cut to size or not. There is a small charge for us to guillotene out all your grilles to the sizes you give.  If you would rather cut the grilles out yourself then select no.
  • If you select cut to size a box will appear allowing you to input your grille sizes. This does not calculate how many sheets you require it just keeps a record of what you require when ordering.
  • Underneath the calculator a table will appear with your selected option. Input the number of sheets you require and it will produce a quantity discounted price.
  • You can add to basket from here or alternatively you can click the thumbnail in the table to go through to a more detailed product page with more images and sizes of the pattern.
  • If you want to go back to all the pattern click the reset button on the filter
  • You can request up to 4 samples using the samples request button.

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