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Interwoven Mesh

  • radiator-grille-25mmdx4.7pwithbmabacking
  • hand-made-decorative-1
  • radiator-grille-6mmsx3mmr
  • 10mmdx6mmp
Interwoven lattice grilles hand woven from plain or reeded ribbons of solid brass, stainless steel and aluminium

We offer a wide choice of apertures and ribbon widths hand finished if required in a choice of BMA or Pewter. Nickel and Chrome plating are also available Lacquer can be added if you wish to maintain the appearance, however many customers prefer to let brass in particular age over time to give it its own unique patina. If BMA is chosen lacquer is applied as standard.

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7mm Opening

 brass grills mesh grilles decorative panels
 Square Brass Reeded 3.0mm Wire  Diamond Stainless Steel Plain 3.0mm Wire  Square Brass Made Antique Reeded 3.0mm Wire

10mm opening

pewter grill radiator grills decorative grill
 Diamond Pewter Powder Coated Plain 4.7mm Wire  Square Stainless Steel Reeded 4.7mm Wire  Diamond Brass Made Antique Plain 6.0mm Wire

Double Square

radiator grill rattan grills radiator grills
 Square Brass Reeded 3.0mm Wire  Square Stainless Steel Reeded 3.0mm Wire  Square Brass Made Antique Reeded 3.0mm Wire

19mm Opening

radiator grille brass grill

25mm Opening

decorative mesh brass grille decorative grille
 Diamond Brass Reeded 3.0mm Wire with Backing Mesh  Square Stainless Steel Plain 6.0mm Wire  Diamond Brass Made Antique Plain 4.7mm Wire with Backing Mesh

Special Weave 653

 decorative metal panels
 Pewter Powder Coated

The below shows examples of what is available in regency diamond radiator grilles. The chrome finish is not avaialble and is displayed for comparison. If you have chrome fittings

you should choose polished nickel. If it's brushed stainless fititngs chose a satin Nickel finish.



Brass radiator grills

This is the most popular finish, Brass will age over time becoming darker, but suits most traditional homes or vintage offices. Especially popular for guards on bookshelves, In an open apeture this allows you to see the book names through the mesh. The same principle applies to cupboards and dividing doors.


Stainless steel radiator grills

This is a bright silver finish, suited to more contemporary homes with stainless steel or chrome fittings.

If you have the wire reeded this takes some of the shine off. (The reed is the line you see at the edge of the wire.)

Aluminium radiator grills

This is a matt silver finish, suited to more contemporary homes with brushed stainless steel fittings.


BMA - bronze made antique radiator grills

A velvety chocolate finish is achieved by copper platting on our brass mesh before the antiquing solution is applied. It is available on all of our patterns with a maximum size of 1200 x 600mm . Each batch of grilles may vary in colour adding to the uniqueness of your grille.


Antique radiator grills

A very dark finish almost black, this is a chemical treatment ontop of brass to give the look of aged brass.


Pewter radiator grills

Pewter Grilles are hand woven from steel ribbons which are then powder coated to give an extremely hard wearing paint finish.

Any backing can be added to any pattern to enhance the appearance of your chosen grille


If your fitting the grille within the recess of a cabinet then you should add around 30mm to the opening size excluding the recess, this is based on a 20mm recess on all sides.

If you're fitting the radiator grille behind the openings of your radiator cabinet: add on 50mm to the physical opening sizes. This will give you 25mm on all sides to staple the grille into place.

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